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Whether your goal is to lose weight, reduce bodyfat, increase muscle.
We can help...


We use a targeted approach incorporating nutrition and lifestyle and specific measurable targets to ensure you reach your goals. 

As a Holistix client, you would receive: 

  • 1 hour initial consultation – where we would look at your diet, medical history, lifestyle, and what you would like to achieve 
  • a comprehensive body analysis report to include: 
    • Total bodyfat % 
    • Visceral and subcutaneous bodyfat % levels 
    • Metabolic rate 
    • Total muscle weight 
    • Circumference measurements
    • And much more 

This allows us to set goals and monitor your progress throughout: 

  • You will be given your own personalised nutrition plan to follow, and be asked to complete and return weekly food diaries which we will check and provide feedback 
  • Before and after photos will be taken 
  • Short, medium and long-term targets will be set to ensure you stay on track and reach your goals.

Personal Training

The Holistix gym comprises state of the art equipment and includes everything you would find in a gym.  

Personal training comprises a variety of techniques incorporating own plyometrics, weights, HIIT, boxing and kickboxing and flexibility.   

1-2-1 personal training sessions

This can be booked as individual sessions, monthly bookings, or a block booking in line with your goals. 

Personal training with supervised gym workouts

This option is a great way to accelerate your results and reduce costs. 

It includes your personal training sessions with additional personalised workouts which you will be able to do in the Holistix gym and will be supervised by a personal trainer. 

Group Personal Training

This can be a great way to help with motivation and make workouts more fun, as well as reduce cost. 

Train with up to 2 friends.

personal training packages

Transform Your Body In 3 Months

Complete body transformation package to rejuvenate you inside and out, lose weight, increase fitness and energy and increase muscle tone.

Book 12 sessions and get 2 sessions free.

Package includes:

Get in shape for summer

Complete body transformation package to rejuvenate you inside and out, lose weight, increase fitness and energy and increase muscle tone. Pay 6 months personal training in advance & get 4 sessions free. Package includes:

Kickstart Your Fitness!

Transform your body, lose weight, increase fitness and energy levels!

With 1 months personal training package special introductory offer for only £99! (rrp £150)

Offer includes:

How I work with my clients...

Most Popular Questions

Always make sure you are well hydrated before your workout and to bring water with you for your session.


Before you workout you should aim to have a balance of protein, healthy fats and complex carbohydrates to give you sustainable energy levels and to help build muscle. For example chicken and avocado salad with some lentils or quinoa.


So either workout an hour or 2 after your meal or if you are having a snack then something like a protein shake, a banana/apple, and a handful of nuts would be perfect.


Diets do not work for long term and sustainable success. The answer is to make lifestyle changes which you like, give you results and that you will stick to so that you reach your goals and maintain them.


You want to enjoy food as part of your life, not thinking about it all the time and counting calories!


Everybody is different, our metabolisms are different and what suits one person wont suit another person. Also what you eat will depend on your goals. If you want to lose weight this will be a completely different way of eating than if you want to build muscle.

Food is there to be enjoyed and calorie counting is not a long term solution. The best answer is an eating plan tailored for you so you can enjoy your food, get the results you want and look and feel your best.

Eating alone will not give you a 6 pack as a 6 pack is the result of development of your stomach muscles. You would need to build the muscles in your stomach, and if you have any fat you would need to lose the fat. Fat lies in a layer over muscle, so even if you have a 6 pack you wont see this if there is fat over the top. You would need to eat a reduced calorie diet to lose the fat to reveal the 6 pack underneath, and if you don’t have one then eat to build your muscles.

We are all different and what suits one person will not suit another person. Personally, I prefer not to eat grains as I feel better and have more energy this way. However, some people thrive on a high carb, high carb diet. The best way is to observe how you feel after eating grains. You could try eliminating them for a week or 2 and see how you feel.

Your body is designed to cleanse itself, so a juice cleanse is not necessary. If you want to help the body do its job and detoxify, you could try intermittent fasting. This involves not eating for a period of time. The break from digesting food allows your body a chance to cleanse and detoxify on its own.